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Mensa is the largest of the international high-IQ societies. The purpose of our Southeast Michigan chapter is to provide opportunity for intellectual and social belonging and networking among diverse people. Bookmark this site to see SEMM’s calendar of events for members and their guests. In addition to local events and monthly meetings, SEMM hosts a Winter Bash (games party), SEMMer Bash (picnic), and a Regional Gathering held each April and known as SEMMantics. We're also on Facebook!

18 January 2015

Bring Out Your Dead!

Did you know our Regional Gathering (April 24-26) has a special suite just for children, and a full schedule of activities especially for them? Watch Melissa Jenkins’s column for details. Melissa is also looking for parents to help during the weekend.

Back by popular demand: Saturday morning “take-it-apart-party” where kids (and their adult helpers) take apart various things to see how they work.

We need your junk to make this happen. Got an old or broken mechanical or electrical device? Please bring it to the RG so they can be disassembled to see what makes them tick. (Clocks, anyone?)

Some adult helpers are also needed, so if a few of you could bring some small basic tools (screwdrivers, pliers) that would also be great. (No sledgehammers, please.)

01 January 2015

Call for Candidates for Southeast Michigan Mensa (SEMM) Officers for the 1 May 2015 to 30 April 2016 Service Year

Are you a leader? Would you like to “give back” to SEMM? This email is being provided to the whole of the Southeast Michigan Mensa membership to solicit interest of those who would like to assume a leadership role in SEMM in the 2015/2016 service year (1 May 2015 through 30 April 2016). Any SEMM members in good standing is eligible to run for an elected office or accept an appointed office. The election is not far off, so we ask those interested in running or that would be willing to accept an appointed position to identify themselves to the Nominating Committee as soon as possible. The Executive Committee will meet to discuss nominations just prior to the Winter Bash on Saturday, 17 January 2015.

Facts to note: Candidates must be a member of SEMM in good standing at the time of election/appointment and throughout the service year. The SEMM voting Executive Committee (ExComm) consists of the elected officers and thevoting appointed officers as specified by the SEMM Bylaws. The elected offices are as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer , Sub-Group Vice Presidents, and General Representatives; the appointed officers that serve on the ExComm members are the Communication, Marketing, and Membership Officers as well as the Regional Gathering Chair. These officers should all plan to attend SEMM Executive Committee meetings, typically held in Southfield just prior to monthly meetings. There, participating in democratic decision processes, they will to do SEMM’s business.

If you are interested in serving SEMM in any capacity, as a first step please make your interest known to me, the Nominating Committee chair (undersigned). If you have any questions regarding expectations and duties of a particular office, you may find this information in the SEMM Bylaws (especially Articles IV and V, which can be made available to you), but please feel free to contact me to discuss.

This is an opportunity for you to serve with a small, committed group of SEMM’s members to work toward a better, more dynamic organization.

SEMM 2015 Nominating Committee Chair

See Bylaws for Officer Descriptions

30 December 2014

Winter Bash

Saturday, January 17, 2015
6:00pm – 11:00pm

Berkley VFW Hall
3025 Coolidge (Between 11 and 12 Mile Road)
Berkley 48072

There will be salad, pizza, beverages, munchies, a pool table, dance floor and darts. Also featuring Magic: The Gathering, Rock Band 3 and other games.

Plenty of free parking!

In advance through January 9, 2014:
$12 for ages 12 and up
$8 for ages 11 and younger

At the door:
$15 for ages 12 and up
$10 for ages 11 and younger
Children 4 and under: Free

To use PayPal, go to PayPal.com and click on the “Send Money” tab. Enter e-mail address:
semmantics@nullsbcglobal.net and your payment amount. If registering more than one person,
please enter each registrant name in the Comments section on the confirmation page.

Or please fill out form (linked below) and mail with check made payable to SEMM to:
Harley Berger
7269 Creeks Bend Court
West Bloomfield, MI 48322

Winter Bash Form

Any questions? Call 248-210-3563.

30 December 2014

February 2015 Speaker

Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Seminar

Are YOU ready for the Zombie Apocalypse? If you’re prepared for zombies then you’re prepared for anything! Join us for this informative, interactive, workshop that includes steps to take in preparing for and responding to an emergency or disaster, in particular, a zombie outbreak/pandemic. Learn about the history of zombies, how to recognize the symptoms of zombie infection, alert and notification of zombie and other threats/hazards, what can be done to evade the undead, how to avoid detection/infection and surviving a zombie confrontation.

Attendees learn what to include in their Zombie Attack Plan (ZAP), Zombie Emergency Preparedness (ZEP) Kit, and how to get involved in their local Zombie Emergency Response Team (ZERT). Handouts and certificates of completion are provided to all attendees, and the skills you learn will be applicable to many other emergency situations as well.

Our presenter Susan Sanderson is a certified Professional Emergency Manager (PEM) with the State of Michigan and a Master Exercise Practitioner (MEP) with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). She has been teaching emergency preparedness and response for over ten years to citizens, schools, churches, non-profits, businesses and organizations, and was featured in a local NBC-TV news report as an advocate of community preparedness education. She is also a member of the Zombie Research Society.

WHEN: Saturday, February 21, 2015
6:00pm: The ExComm meeting begins. All members are welcome to attend.
7:00pm: Mingling begins.
8:00pm: Program starts.

ADMISSION (Exact change appreciated)
Adult members: $4, Adult guests: $5; Children 13 and under: $3
Members receive free admission in the month of their birthday

LOCATION: Northwest Unitarian Universalist Church
23925 Northwestern Highway, Southfield, MI 48075

08 December 2014

RG Hospitality

Hi. My name is Kathy Phipps and I’ve been a member of SEMM since early 1987 and I’ve volunteered for the 2nd year to coordinate Hospitality at the RG. Please note, this year the RG has been moved earlier, April 24-26, to hopefully conflict with fewer graduations.

Last year we did something new with hospitality. I coordinate the purchasing and getting everything to the hotel, set up and break down, and the people and getting things out are coordinated by someone else. Who wants to spend all weekend in Hospitality?

If you’re like me, you might have some diet restrictions/preferences. One reason I volunteered for purchasing was to make sure there was a good selection of items I could eat. In the past, I have stayed away from events due to the food selection. Never fear this is the case at the RG. Several years ago, we started introducing healthier snacks such as veggie trays, cheese trays, nuts and fruit. I myself am low carb so be sure that there will be plenty of options there. Coincidentally, low carb options also cover sugar free and gluten free for the most part although we will have some more specific gluten free and sugar free items.

We also have a good selection of soda (diet and regular), water (regular and flavored) and non-carbonated beverages (ice tea and lemonade). The coffee is the good stuff from Starbucks. For those not under any restrictions, plenty of chips, chocolate and other candy can be found. And again this year, hot dogs will be available pretty much round the clock. Planning is key so as I’m writing this in December, I’m making my lists and checking them twice.

The meals provided by the hotel are a compromise between feeding a hoard and keeping prices reasonable. Friday night is pizza, Saturday noon is a taco bar and Saturday night is a pasta bar. If you believe you will not partake, please let the registrar know so we don’t have to pay for a meal that we don’t have to. There will also be a “decadent dessert” bar – and again, if you’re going to skip, please let us know.

It takes a lot of time to organize a party for over 100 people and “many hands make light work” so please consider arriving early to help set up Hospitality or staying an hour or two on Sunday to help pack up and go. Also, I know the schedule isn’t out yet , but when it is out, please consider volunteering an hour or two of your time in Hospitality. None of that, “I don’t know what to do”. There will be signs and a check list in the prep suite. We’ve made it fairly easy, no slicing or dicing but just getting things out and tossing what needs to be tossed. There will be space on the online registration for volunteering as well as a request from the Registrar in April.

Hope to see you there!!