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Pumpkin Spice Testing Vouchers Are Back!

Would you like to join Mensa? Do you have a friend, relative or coworker who is a Mensa member? Recently, all current members of American Mensa were sent one voucher code that they can give to someone to take the Mensa test or submit prior evidence for free. Both are ways to qualify to join Mensa. This code will expire March 31, 2019.

Ask them now for their voucher number or email and for more information.

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The NEMM (Tri-cities MPS) Salon Potluck Lunch is Cancelled

After a long run, the Salon Potluck lunch event hosted by NEMM (Tri-cities MPS) is no more. Thank you to all who joined them over the years.

You can still join them for their Dinner Group event which meets the second Wednesday at 6:00pm.

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2018 North American Unicycle Convention and Championships

Come cheer on SEMM member Joan Rayford as she performs at the 2018 North American Unicycle Convention and Championships.

The North American Unicycling Competition and Convention (NAUCC) is an annual week-long unicycling competition in which U.S. and Canadian riders compete in a number of events including freestyle competitions, MUni races, track and field events, distance races, hockey, and basketball. It is also the qualifying event for the Unicon.

July 8-14, 2018 in Livonia, MI

Visit the NAUCC website for more details and locations of events.

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Last Chance for Winter Bash Early Bird Pricing

Winter Bash has sold out!

This is your last chance to register for Winter Bash! at the discounted rate. The price increases after January 18!

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Mensa Scholarship Essay Competition Closes in Two Weeks

UPDATE: The essay competition has closed.

The Mensa Scholarship Essay competition opened September 15, 2017 and will remain open until 11:59 p.m. Central Time, January 15, 2018.

The Mensa Foundation scholarship program is an essay contest that is open to all students who are enrolled in a U.S. college or university in the academic year following the award. Applicants write 550-word essays that describe their educational and/or career goals. Entries are judged solely on content – including grammar. No financial information needed or considered for awards. You do not have to be a member to be eligible for the public scholarships, and there also are 2 scholarships for a Mensa member and/or member’s dependent.


There are 3 unrestricted National Awards, 2 unrestricted Local Awards, and 4 unrestricted Regional Awards.

In addition, there are restricted special category scholarships for:

  1. Graduate student planning a career in professional writing, teaching English grammar and/or writing.
  2. Study of aeronautical engineering or an aerospace field.
  3. A female returning to school after any absence of 7 or more years.
  4. Pursuing a degree in Natural Sciences or Mathematics.
  5. Study for an undergraduate liberal arts degree (BA or AA)
  6. Graduate study in history.
  7. Study in journalism.
  8. Pursuing a degree in the Art, including creative writing and journalism.
  9. Pursuing a degree in the Fine Arts.
  10. For a Veteran.
  11. For study in interpersonal communication, mediation or related study.
  12. Study in Fine Arts that include applied arts such as architecture, photography, ceramics and textiles.
  13. For an LGBT applicant.

Four scholarships were new last year:

  1. 4 Paws and a Tail ? $600.00
    Restricted to graduate level studies or continuing education of an established Veterinarian
  2. Dr. Peter M. Kendall Science Scholarship ? $600.00
    Restricted to the Natural Sciences including but not limited to Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy, Geology, Environmental Science, Forestry, Pre?Med, Pre?Dent
  3. STEM Scholarship ? $2,000.00
    For natural and applied science, technology, and math majors
  4. Carol Martinez Scholarship ? $2,500.00
    Restricted to the field of information technology

To apply go to:

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