24 February 2019 ~ Comments Off on SEMMantics 40 Talk: Protecting Yourself Against Fraud

SEMMantics 40 Talk: Protecting Yourself Against Fraud

You may have heard Rob Rayer when he presented at a monthly gathering several years ago about the Michigan State Police Crime Lab.   He was such a good speaker we were delighted he will return to tell us about Fraud Awareness.

His presentation will provide a brief synopsis of current fraud crimes that citizens should be aware of and how to protect yourself, including Identity Theft, Insurance/Health Care Fraud, Credit Card Fraud. Internet Fraud, and other scams that have been hitting Michigan’s citizens. 

Detective Sgt. Rayer is now a Trooper assigned the Fraud Investigative Section of the Michigan State Police.  He has a varied background that includes over 32 years of Law Enforcement.

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