07 April 2019 ~ Comments Off on SEMMantics 40 Speaker Lineup

SEMMantics 40 Speaker Lineup

The speaker lineup for SEMMantics 40 is set, and we think it’s really XL-ent! When you attend SEMMantics, from April 26 through April 28, there will be a parade of talks on a wide range of topics across the entire event, all included in your registration. 

It’s your choice. You can attend as many lectures as you wish. We understand there are so many other fascinating things going on too. But we are certain there will not be a better lineup to choose from at any Michigan Mensa event in 2019.

  1. Billie Lee: “Should I put Mensa on my Resume?”
  2. Tom Carr: “MI Bad:  Robbers, Cutthroats and Thieves in Michigan’s Past and Present”
  3. Harry Ringermacher:  “The Ringing Universe, Confirmed and Revisited”
  4. Peggi J. Tabor:  “The Science of Happiness”
  5. James Marcinkowski:  “Making Sense of Terrorism and the Changing Middle East”
  6. Rob Rayer:  “Fraud Awareness”
  7. Simon Ren:  “Coming Home”
  8. Caleb Collier  “Common Sense Strategies to Wealth Accumulation”
  9. Detroit Institute of Art:  “Behind the Seen” slideshow “In the Garden”
  10. Debbie Jackson:  “Monarchs-Missing from your Garden?”
  11. Elaine Donnelly:  “”Social Change in the Military – Where Are We Going With This?”

Check out our SEMMantics site to register or to get more details.

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