23 February 2020 ~ Comments Off on SEMMantics Talk – Astrobiology, Meteorites and the Early Earth

SEMMantics Talk – Astrobiology, Meteorites and the Early Earth

John ZawiskieJohn Zawiskie, the Curator in Residence and an educator at Cranbrook Institute of Science, whose talk is on “Astrobiology, Meteorites and the Early Earth”, will tell us how meteorites reveal early solar system history back to 4.568 billion years ago (bya). He will discuss how this information suggests a mechanism for the formation of the Earth, and potential sources for water and organic compounds. Evidence for the presence of life from 4.1 to 3.48 bya is reviewed, including subsequent evolutionary developments and Earth system history during the Precambrian.

Mr. Zawiskie specializes in Geology and Paleontology at the Cranbrook Institute and also teaches Earth History at Wayne State University. He has a wide range of interests in education, exhibits, and research, and has participated in ?eld studies in Antarctica, Australia, Argentina, Southwest USA, and the Great Lakes region.

Registration is now officially open for this year’s RG, SEMMantics 2020, being held April 17 – 19, 2020.

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