CultureQuest® XXXI: The Ultimate Trivia Competition

Trivia Logo Game Sporcle Quiz, others transparent background PNG ...If you enjoy the challenge of playing team trivia with questions ranging from film, politics, literature, geography, music, history, etc., this is for you! Get ready for this year’s CultureQuest® XXXI! Teams of American and Canadian Mensans will compete at the same time for 90 minutes for cash prizes and cultural literacy bragging rights. Each Mensan team will gather at one location and may have up to five members. CultureQuest XXXI was originally scheduled for Sunday, May 3, but due to the pandemic, has been tentatively rescheduled for Sunday, October 18. 

The cost to participate is $50 per team. SEMM will pay one-half of the entry fee for any team captained by a SEMM member. 

Deadline to enter is Monday, August 31. To register, go to