20 September 2020 ~ Comments Off on October Monthly Gathering – Of Icebergs and Inquiries: Michiganders on the Titanic

October Monthly Gathering – Of Icebergs and Inquiries: Michiganders on the Titanic

Until it is deemed once again safe to return to meeting as a group, Southeast Michigan Mensa will be presenting a series of lectures on Zoom. These programs are “members only” events, and not open to the public.

To register for October’s presentation, members must go to https://tinyurl.com/SEMM-1020-Gathering. Enter your first and last name and an email address where you will receive information on the meeting, then click “Register.” Once your registration is approved, you will receive the URL you will need to attend the meeting

On the night of April 15, 1912, the luxury ocean liner RMS Titanic sank during its maiden voyage across the Atlantic Ocean. When the ship went down, there were a number of Michiganders aboard, some, but not all, of whom tragically lost their lives. Within a week, Senator William Alden Smith of Michigan, a native of Dowagiac, convened the Senate inquiry into the disaster. Sans all the glitz and hype, this presentation explores the history of the Titanic, Senator Smith’s far-reaching quest for answers, and details what became of the Michiganders on board

Our speaker, Bob Myers, is the Director of Education for the Historical Society of Michigan. He holds a BA in history from Alma College and an MA in history from Western Michigan University. He has authored numerous books, including Lost on the Lakes: Shipwrecks of Berrien County and Adeline and Julia: Growing Up in Michigan and on the Kansas Frontier.  His articles have appeared in Michigan History Magazine and Michigan Historical Review. He and his wife Candace live in Grand Ledge, where they are restoring their 1903 Colonial Revival home.

Members please join us at 7pm, on Saturday, October 17, for a story which is both historically significant and locally relevant .

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