June 19 Monthly Gathering — Aphrodisiacs: Forbidden Foods and Beverages

Until it is deemed once again safe to return to meeting as a group, Southeast Michigan Mensa will be presenting a series of lectures on Zoom. Attendees need to pre-register by clicking on the following link: https://tinyurl.com/SEMM-0621-Gathering . The event’s Zoom URL and instructions for connecting will be sent to those who are pre-registered, about an hour before the presentation. The number of attendees will be limited, so please pre-register early. 

Aphrodisiacs: Forbidden Foods and Beverages

The association between food and sexuality is primal, but some foods are reputed to have more aphrodisiacal qualities than others. Throughout the centuries, emperors and everyday folk alike have ingested, imbibed, sprinkled, or applied almost every conceivable substance in the hope of promoting desire. Whether to encourage a lover, revive a lagging libido, or pique pleasure and performance, lovers the world over have sought aphrodisiacs. But which ones have the greatest reputations (and why?) and do any of them really work? Culinary expert Chef Larry Canepa, will lead us through a fun sassy, informative and delicious presentation of aphrodisiacs, and their related myths and legends.

Chef Larry P. Canepa, is a Certified Culinary Educator, who provides comprehensive and engaging culinary education workshops, and cooking demonstrations, throughout Arizona. His 40+ years of experience includes management and operation of restaurants, hotels and resorts. For over 30 years, Chef Canepa has operated Dinner at Eight, specializing in community and private cooking classes, food and beverage demonstrations, and Food Studies seminars. For more information, please see: facebook.com/dinner8, or email Chef Canepa at: Dinner8@nullyahoo.com

PLEASE NOTE before deciding to attend: This program deals with adult subject matter. Although the program will be tastefully presented, please do not attend if you think you might find the content offensive.

The Zoom room opens at 6:30pm for mingling. The program starts at 7:00pm. Bon Appetit!