SEMMantics Talk – Astrobiology, Meteorites and the Early Earth

John ZawiskieJohn Zawiskie, the Curator in Residence and an educator at Cranbrook Institute of Science, whose talk is on “Astrobiology, Meteorites and the Early Earth”, will tell us how meteorites reveal early solar system history back to 4.568 billion years ago (bya). He will discuss how this information suggests a mechanism for the formation of the Earth, and potential sources for water and organic compounds. Evidence for the presence of life from 4.1 to 3.48 bya is reviewed, including subsequent evolutionary developments and Earth system history during the Precambrian.

Mr. Zawiskie specializes in Geology and Paleontology at the Cranbrook Institute and also teaches Earth History at Wayne State University. He has a wide range of interests in education, exhibits, and research, and has participated in ?eld studies in Antarctica, Australia, Argentina, Southwest USA, and the Great Lakes region.

Registration is now officially open for this year’s RG, SEMMantics 2020, being held April 17 – 19, 2020.

SEMMantics 2020 Regional Gathering Announcement

Greetings!  Registration is now officially open for this year’s RG, SEMMantics 2020, being held April 17 – 19, 2020.  Southeast Michigan Mensa and I are “Looking forward to seeing you!” at this great RG.

SEMMantics 2020 promises to be a wonderful experience.  Included in your registration fee are World-Renowned, Smoke-Free, 24-Hour Hospitality Rooms (from Friday afternoon through Sunday morning);  Friday evening Dinner; and Saturday’s Lunch and Dinner.  Hotel guests (up to two per room) will also enjoy a full hot breakfast buffet daily.  Non-guests will have a light continental breakfast available in Hospitality or can buy the hotel breakfast buffet.
For more information visit the SEMMantics page.

We have great news for those SEMM members have never attended SEMMantics before.  The SEMM ExComm has funded discounts to encourage attendance at SEMMantics for those have not experienced it yet.  We are pleased to offer a $20 discount to any current SEMM member who has never attended before.  A $50 discount is available, instead, to those who are still within their first year of membership. (Only one discount per member applies.)  Complete details on the discounts as well as how to register using them are available at this link.

Discount Hotel Rates and Early Bird pricing available. Visit the SEMMantics page for details.

Announcing Winter Bash 2020

Southeast Michigan Mensa’s Winter Bash is coming Saturday, January 11, 2020.

Featuring: A chance to mingle with Mensans and guests who will actually get your jokes! All you can eat: pizza, salad, soft drinks, beer, wine, dessert, and munchies! Stuff to do: eat, socialize, games– bring your favorites!

Visit the Winter Bash page for ticket information.
Early bird pricing ends on January 9th.