Many Mensans like to tackle mental puzzles like the ones below. Admittedly, they’re not easy. But if you can solve them, you might be one of the five million Americans eligible for Mensa.

  1. What number is one half of one tenth of one fifth of one tenth of one thousand?
  2. Fill in the missing number. Follow the same logic as the other examples.
    D J B C G
    12 30 9 21
  3. There is an eight letter word in the box below. Find the word by starting at the correct letter and moving clockwise or counterclockwise, using each letter only once.
    H O N
    P Y
    M Y S
  4. There is a word in the English language, the name of an American tree, that contains all the vowels. What is that word?
  5. What two-letter, Post Office-authorized abbreviation comes last in the “As?”

Puzzles provided by Abbie Salny, Ed.D., Mensa’s supervisory psychologist and noted author of quiz books.

Answers to this mini-test