Mensa is the largest of the international high-IQ societies. The purpose of our Southeast Michigan chapter is to provide opportunity for intellectual and social belonging and networking among diverse people.

Bookmark this site to see SEMM’s calendar of events for members and their guests. In addition to local events and monthly meetings, SEMM hosts a Winter Bash (games party), SEMMer Bash (picnic), and a Regional Gathering held each April, known as SEMMantics.

05 May 2019

May Monthly Gathering – How to Put a Man on the Moon!

In a speech he delivered on September 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy, characterized outer space as “a new frontier”, and declared “We choose to go to the Moon…” His words gave rise to what became Project Apollo, one of the most remarkable endeavors of human history. The project resulted in landing the first humans on the Moon, on July 20, 1969, followed by four subsequent lunar landings, the last of which occurring in 1972. Despite these impressive achievements, NASA’s major projects following Apollo, most notably the Space Shuttle and International Space Station, failed to capture the public imagination the way the Apollo Project did.

Joining us on May 18th, to help gain a better understanding of Project Apollo, will be Clifford Marko. Cliff started his career in journalism and covered the US space program from Project Apollo, and on from there. Cliff has enjoyed a multidimensional professional life as an Attorney, Corporate Counsel, President/CEO and radio/TV producer, reporter, and on-air host.

The program takes place on Saturday, May 18th, at Northwest Unitarian Universalist Church in Southfield. 23925 Northwestern Hwy Southfield, MI 48075

Doors open at 5pm. The program begins at 6pm. Please note the new starting time! Following the presentation, join us for dinner at Fishbone’s Cafe, located on the North side of Northwestern, 1500 feet North of 12 Mile, to socialize. The address is: 29244 Northwestern Hwy, in Southfield.

07 April 2019

SEMMantics 40 Speaker Lineup

The speaker lineup for SEMMantics 40 is set, and we think it’s really XL-ent! When you attend SEMMantics, from April 26 through April 28, there will be a parade of talks on a wide range of topics across the entire event, all included in your registration. 

It’s your choice. You can attend as many lectures as you wish. We understand there are so many other fascinating things going on too. But we are certain there will not be a better lineup to choose from at any Michigan Mensa event in 2019.

  1. Billie Lee: “Should I put Mensa on my Resume?”
  2. Tom Carr: “MI Bad:  Robbers, Cutthroats and Thieves in Michigan’s Past and Present”
  3. Harry Ringermacher:  “The Ringing Universe, Confirmed and Revisited”
  4. Peggi J. Tabor:  “The Science of Happiness”
  5. James Marcinkowski:  “Making Sense of Terrorism and the Changing Middle East”
  6. Rob Rayer:  “Fraud Awareness”
  7. Simon Ren:  “Coming Home”
  8. Caleb Collier  “Common Sense Strategies to Wealth Accumulation”
  9. Detroit Institute of Art:  “Behind the Seen” slideshow “In the Garden”
  10. Debbie Jackson:  “Monarchs-Missing from your Garden?”
  11. Elaine Donnelly:  “”Social Change in the Military – Where Are We Going With This?”

Check out our SEMMantics site to register or to get more details.

31 March 2019

Last Chance for Early Bird Pricing to SEMMantics 40

On April 12 the price of SEMMantics 40, our regional gathering, goes up. This is your last chance to register at a discounted rate.

Check out our SEMMantics site to register or to get more details.

24 March 2019

SEMMantics Talks: Social Change in the Military – Where Are We Going With This?

Elaine Donnelly is president of the Center for Military Readiness, an independent, nonpartisan public policy organization that reports on and analyzes military/social issues. President George H. W. Bush appointed Mrs. Donnelly to the 1992 Presidential Commission on the Assignment of Women in the Armed Forces, which studied all aspects of the women in combat issue, and she also served on thePentagon’s Defense Advisory Committee for Women in the Services (DACOWITS) for a three-yearterm. In 2002 she was the recipient of the American Conservative Union’s Ronald Reagan Award.She attended Schoolcraft College and the University of Detroit and resides in Livonia, Michigan.

Ms. Donnelly will join us at SEMMantics 40 to speak on Social Change in the Military – Where arewe going with this? She says, “Under civilian control, America’s armed forces have been ordered to accept and implement certain social theories and mandates that are unprecedented in military history.” Ms. Donnelly will provide an overview of what has been happening in the All-Volunteer Force, and why, and invites listeners to decide whether controversial social changes are weakening mission readiness or strengthening it.

Join us for all this and so much more! Register at our SEMMantics site.

17 March 2019

SEMMantics Talks: From Heaven to Hell

The SEMMantics team endeavors to present a wide range of speakers during the weekend of the Regional Gathering.  This year, you can enjoy excellent speakers who will take you from warm and cozy to terrifying, all included in your SEMMantics registration.

Simon Ren is a Renaissance man, Energy Engineer by trade, philosopher who ponders deep and interesting questions as an avocation. He will welcome us with an uplifting message on the challenges and rewards of finding/making/coming “home”.

Lest you get too comfortable, however, well known author Tom Carr will tell stories, with a slide show, of murder, robbery, and mayhem in the Great Lakes state.  He is a reporter who has told stories of true crimes in all corners of both peninsulas, and has been heard on NPR and published in the Detroit Free Press and New York Daily News.  

Mr. Carr is the author of Blood on the Mittenand MI Bad:  Robbers, Cutthroats and Thieves in Michigan’s Past and Present.  He will have copies of his books to autograph after his talk.

Check out our SEMMantics site to register or to get more details.