Our Newsletter: M-Pathy

M-Pathy (ISSN 0744-9763) is SEMM’s local newsletter. It is published monthly by Southeast Michigan Mensa at 13521 Stahelin Road, Detroit, MI 48223- 3525. Subscription cost for local members and members-by-preference is included in national dues. All members of American Mensa have access via their member login to the American Mensa website.

M-Pathy is distributed in print (black&white) to those members who opt for postal distribution. All others receive the (color) newsletter via an email link to a .pdf that is also available to all other members of American Mensa via the American Mensa website. Electronic notification is the default.

Please direct any questions you have about M-Pathy to its editorial staff at Mpathy@nullmensadetroit.com

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