Regional Gathering 2023

Featuring Zoom tracks for Hospitality, Fun & Games, and Speakers!

Program Schedule

Hospitality Zoom8-9am Welcome Breakfast
9-10am Zoom Poetry Slam
10-11am Show off your pet moments
11am-noon Unmet Needs of the Gifted
1–2pm Gen X
2-3pm Gen Y Meet & Greet
3-4pm Scavenger Hunt
4-5pm Hobby/Crafts Share
5-6pm Ultimate Surprise
6-7pm Wine sharing
7-8pm Gen X meet and greet
9pm-9:30pm General Chat
9:30pm Closing Ceremony
Fun & Games Zoom8-10am Jackbox Sampler
10-11:30am Carnelli
Noon- 3pm Mensa Bowl
3-4pm Codenames
4-5pm Fact or Crap
5-6pm Blank Slate
6-7pm Chronology
7-8:30pm Open Gaming
8:30-9:30pm Wheel of Enormous Proportions
9:30 pm Trivia Murder Party 2
Speakers Zoom10-11:30am KIDS’ TRACK “How Engineering for
Accessibility Leads to the Greatest Innovation” with Liz Loeher

3-4:30pm “The Ones Who Remember” with Sassa
Akervall, Phil Barr, and Avishay Hayut

5-6:30pm –”Follow the Water” with John Blinke

7-9pm Keynote Speaker: “Cybersecurity” with Gary Rimar